After Booking



We are so excited for you and your children to experience Santa’s Enchanted Workshop! I understand during our phone conversation we covered a lot of information?  So here’s a recap and the details you’ll need before your appointment and subsequent ordering appointment.


1.  What should my child wear?

Our favorite clothing for our little guests are pajamas!  We recommend a classic, timeless style.

For boys Plain color pajamas with a button up top and collar in either white, green, navy, mustard yellow or red with white pipping. Plaid pajamas are also a great selection.  Be cautious of to much red.  We notice our children pop in the images when they are wearing a contrasting color to Santa.


For girls We love gowns!  We love the grace and elegance the gowns add to the imagery and experience. White gowns are our favorite, although we’ve have had girls with a variety of different prints as well that are absolutely lovely!  Gowns should rest between your child’s calf~ankle. Please DO NOT use a target gown.  They are too short, only going to the knees. Often makes for awkward images with their peek a boo undies making an appearance!  You are welcome to a pant style pajama for girls if you prefer.  


In all cases,  avoid characters and outward displays of branding.  The distracting elements date the art.  Our goal is to produce a timeless heirloom art piece for your home.  We find the timeless elegance works perfectly for the desired finished art.


Be mindful, multiple children with a plaid print can make for a busy picture.  It’s okay to not have all your children in matching clothing, as long as they are cohesive. 

 2.  Do we need to bring anything with us?

You are welcome to bring family heirlooms such as personal stockings or vintage toys from your childhood.  Your kids can bring special dolls, vintage tea sets, an old train set, or a favorite truck   Your personal touches will serve to bring a sentimental value to the finished art and will always bring back a good memory when you view the image. (Be mindful of the color and size of items you bring.  You want what you bring to enhance the picture, not take from the picture).  You are always welcome to ask beforehand if you question what you have selected to bring. Feel free to send Sharon pictures if you’d like her opinion. Sharon’s Cell 530-409-3735.


THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS  Our first 50 visitors will receive a lovely gift from Santa.  A beautiful red leather bound Night Before Christmas story book.

We were introduced to this particular style of The Night Before Christmas story book and this idea when one of our families that joined us last year brought their copy with them.  They had placed the personal invitation letter they received from Santa in the book for safe keeping and asked if Santa could sign their book.  I fell in love with this idea!  

We are offering this very same book to our first 50 visitor that scheduled their visit with Santa in October! 

If you select a session after our first 50 you are invited to bring your own copy of The Night Before Christmas.  This is sure to be a cherished keepsake for your family and Santa is excited to sign your book!  If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the same style we are gifting here’s a link The Night Before Christmas Pottery Barn Story Book

If you bring a different style Night Before Christmas book,  be mindful of the the colors and feel of the cover and back of the book so they are cohesive to our Santa’s Enchanted Workshop setting. You are welcome to send Sharon a picture if you have question.  53-409-3735  Sharon’s Cell


3.  What is included with the session fee?

Sibling session fee is $295 for the first child + $55 each additional sibling.  There is also a $300 deposit due at the time of booking.  This deposit is yours and will be credited towards your art selections.  There is an $895 minimum purchase requirement.

Cousin session fee is $295 for first child +$55 for additional child.   There is also a $300 deposit per family involved in the session due at the time of booking.  These deposits are yours to be a credit towards your art selections.


We reserve the right to limit the number of children in a session.  This is based on numbers and ages of the children.  I am happy to chat by phone and discuss your families hopes and needs.


 4.  How much are the products?

Please see our price list below.